Pick Piggy Pottery For 2019…

Pick Piggy Pottery For 2019…

Primm and Propper wishes you a “Happy New Year 2019!”, a year that should bring all of us prosperity and good fortune according to the Chinese Zodiac.

2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig an animal which, according to myth, once overslept to become the twelfth and last to arrive at the Jade Emperor’s party. However, irrespective of tardiness, the Pig’s chubby face and big ears symbolises wealth / fortune in Chinese culture and all things Piggy look set to be highly collectable this year. Particularly those made from pottery.

Pottery Piggy Banks Are Lucky In 2019

Why a pottery Pig? You may ask…

Well… not only is 2019 the Chinese Year of the Pig, it is also paired with the celestial stem “jǐ” and the earthly branch “Hài”, the associated element being “Earth”. Mindful of this, it could be argued that pretty much anything Piggy made from earth this year is bound to be lucky and sought after.

If you don’t have a pottery Piggy Bank yet then, arguably, 2019 would be a good year to invest in one! Oh.. and just to reiterate an earlier point… choose one with the chubbiest face and the biggest ears possible as the chubbier the face and the larger the ears then the more wealthy and fortunate it is professed that you will become.

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Have a great 2019 and be lucky!

Kind Regards…


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