What was the Best Tent To Buy in 2020?

What was the Best Tent To Buy in 2020?

Okay, so you have decided that you are going to make the most of the summer freedom we have left after the 2020 coronavirus quarantine by taking in the country scenery and breathing some fresh air. The family are champing at the bit to get going on their rural camping staycation and the pressure is on you to get the camping equipment you need as quickly and as cheaply as possible. First question then… “What tent do I buy?”

What tent you need would, invariably, involve further important questions such as… How many people must your tent accommodate? How much space will you have in the car to carry it? If you are going camping solo, then how much weight can you physically carry?

With such a vast myriad of styles, sizes and manufacturers of tents out there, deciding on what tent to buy can be quite confusing. So, to make it easier for you, campingandclothing.co.uk has sought advice from a number of authoritative websites and gathered the information here in one place.

Currently, the general consensus, among the authoratitive sites searched, on the best tents to buy for your 2020 camping expedition are as follows:

2-Person Tents

Wild Country Zephyros Compact 2

2 person tunnel tent, lightweight at 1.95 kg and packs down to just 30×19 cm.
Plusses: Great for hikers and backpackers as it light and strong.
Minuses: Not much of a porch, can be a bit cosy for 2 people.

Tentsile Safari Connect 2

2 person safari type semi-geodesic hammock tent, fairly heavy at 11.2 kg but packs down to a very reasonable 65×35×35 cm.
Plusses: Comfortable, fun and great for areas where the ground is not suitable to pitch a tent.
Minuses: Three trees are required in proximity to each other in order to facilitate suspending the tent.

Vango F10 Xenon UL 2

2 person lightweight tunnel tent at just 1.9 kg packed.
Plusses: Great for backpacking or hiking due to the lightness.

Mountain Warehouse Festival Fun 2 Man Tent (Budget Tent)

2 person lightweight dome tent, designed specifically for festival goers. Weighs only 1.5 kg when packed and packs down to just 9.5×9.5×64 cm for carrying.
Plusses: Easy to pitch, sewn in groundsheet, mesh door and vents. Water Resistant.

Trespass 2 Man x 1 Room Darkened Dome Tent

2 person dome tent with mosquito nets and groundsheet, fairly lightweight at 2.6 kg and packs down to 44×14 cm.
Plusses: Taped seams, colour coded poles and includes pegs and guy ropes. Darkened inner for better nighttime sleep.

3-Person Tents

Quechua 2 Seconds 3XL Fresh & Black

3 person semi-geodesic tent, medium weight at 5.3 kg and longish and narrow when packed down at just 85×9 cm.
Plusses: Great for a small family, pitches fast and has blackout fabric.

Coleman OctaGo

3 person, semi-geodesic tent, fairly heavy at 10.9 kg but not too large to handle when packed down to 69×25×25 cm
Plusses: Ideal for camping out at shows or festivals as it sturdily built and has a nice amount of space.
Minuses: It is a little heavy but still a manageable weight.

4-Person Tents

Halford’s 4-Person Double Skinned Tent

4 person medium weight dome tent, weighs 5.7 kg when packed and packs down to a very reasonable 66×19×19 cm for ease of transport.
Plusses: Double skinned, detachable groundsheet, fibreglass poles and a quick 15-minute pitch time.
Minuses: No living space.

Inflatable Tent

4 person Vango Airbeam tunnel tent, medium to heavyweight at 19.6 kg and packs down to a fairly sizeable 80×43×43 cm.
Plusses: The innovation of AirBeam® technology by Vango, makes pitching even large tents, quick and easy. Waterproof, integrated insect net, guy ropes included. Two entrances.

Up To 8-Person Tents

Coleman Octagon Blackout Tent

8 person octagon tent, heavy weight at 29.8 kg when packed and packs down to 85×35×35 cm.
Plusses: Easy to pitch colour coded poles (less than 15 minutes), full head height, blackout bedroom for darkness and shade, mesh windows, sewn in groundsheet.

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