A Bit Of A Jackanory About The Inspirational Beatrix Trotter…

A Bit Of A Jackanory About The Inspirational Beatrix Trotter…

Trotters-Independent-Traders.co.uk was created after I went outside for a laugh and a joke, it was packed in the bath and the feds don’t look too kindly on lighting up indoors any more. I’d just sparked up and, would you adam ‘n’ eve it… There was a gooseberry puffing away on her la-di-da like an old daniel fergus. Smart she was, dressed like a toff. “Nice capello love!” I told her, cos she had the smartest dogtooth titfer I’d ever seen and l liked her tate and lyle. She smiled and said “You can ‘ave it if you want”. Taken aback a while, I thanked her for her offer and I asked her name. “Beatrix” she told me, “Beatrix Trotter”.

Turns out that Beatrix Trotter didn’t write famous captains, as I thought she might, but she was lemon in any case. We nattered on about the good ol’ days and it turns out she’d once owned a bottle of pop just down the frog. She told me that she used to get her stuff to sell from the old cash ‘n’ carry but now it had long gone and the independent traders had nowhere to go. Shame I thought and that got me ol’ watch going. All that stuff they used to sell down the arthur but can’t get now, could be sold on the ol’ sportsman’s.

Anyway, the trouble called me from the bobby so I turned around to take a butchers at what she wanted. As usual she just wanted to tell me that me king lear was getting warm so I told her I’d be half a mo. When I turned back, Beatrix had gone and all there was left was a pile of ash and her titfer perched on the wall.

Many a time since I have had a gander when I have been down the bath but never saw her again. I just wanted to tell her shabba for the capello and the idea for me website.

To cut the jackanory short, I named the website after her and all the geezers who used to go down the arthur. Trotters-Independent-Traders.co.uk was born and it’s been me basin of gravy since. Cheers Beatrix, nice one. I owe you one me ol’ treacle.

Take a good ol’ butchers at the site while you are here, me ol’ jackanories might not be kosher but the products and sellers are well worth a butchers. You might find yourself some nice little earners to buy for a score and sell for a ton or a bag of sand.

Anyway… That’s it for now. I am off up the apples for a bit of bo peep. Keep the faith.

Disclaimer From Admin: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in the above are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

The range of products on sale in this website are from registered sellers with identified reputations. We hope you have managed to translate and have enjoyed the humour in the Cockney banter above and hope too that you will find the wholesale and job lots that you are searching for. Best of luck.. Admin.

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